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July 25, 2003

George Hincapie weblog

Besides being the big hoss for the US Postal team, George Hincapie likes his gadgets. He's got a weblog over at blogspot, with pictures uploaded from his cameraphone, and he mentions that the Posties' "morale is high and we're all kickin it with our iPods." He posted Tuesday on the rest day:

Anyway, the Tour has been the most exciting tour I've ever done and if Lance wins this one it will for sure be the best victory we have ever had. Lance is really motivated and super psyched to be "back". He came into the bus after the stage yesterday on fire yelling "who's back in the house!!!!". It was a great boost for all of us to see Lance so confident. We've been on pins and needles for the last few weeks. There are still two rolling days which are the hardest for me since I have to ride on the front all day. Then there is the final test for the yellow jersey on Friday [Saturday, of course - Frank]...the final TT.

Thanks to Anil Dash for the pointer.

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