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July 22, 2003

NYTimes.com | A True-Blue (and Yellow) Fan Follows Armstrong at Tour

Samuel Abt profiles Sammarye Lewis, who he calls Armstrong's "most fervent" fan.

Forget the guy draped in the American flag who sometimes runs alongside the four-time champion as he labors uphill. Forget the fellow who wears what appear to be steer horns to celebrate Armstrong's Texas heritage. Pay no attention to the man wearing and selling "Lance Is God" T-shirts.

From tip to toe, nobody equals Sammarye Lewis.

Lewis, who wouldn't disclose her age, has "Go Lance" tattooed on her left calf, and had her left index finger painted yellow, to go with her nails, one of which is a US flag, another (a toe) yellow with a 5 and the Texas Lone Star.

Lewis also runs a couple of fan sites, lancearmstrongfanclub.com and postiefans.com, devoted to the US Postal team.

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