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July 21, 2003

NYTimes.com | Armstrong Picks Himself Up and Widens His Lead in Tour

The Samuel Abt story is up at NYTimes.com:

His face set in a grimace of determination, the Texan rode as he did in the mountains in his four Tour victories and as he had not done previously in this race — with facility, power and suppleness.

"I wasn't angry when I attacked," he said, "I was desperate to gain time on Ullrich before the time trial."


As he spoke, his body language was totally changed from the last few days, when he looked weary and disappointed. Now he was the old Armstrong, in command and confident.

But, he continued: "This has been a crisis-filled Tour. There have been a lot of strange things happening, things I haven't talked about.

"This is a Tour of too many problems — close calls, near misses. I wish it would stop. I wish I could have some uneventful days."

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