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July 27, 2003

NYTimes.com | Wired Tour de France: More Data, Faster. Is That Better or Worse?

Samuel Abt talks to a number of riders and former riders on the team radios used by riders and team managers in the Tour. Perhaps not surprisingly, almost all the retired racers oppose the system, while all the current riders favor it.

Hennie Kuiper, a Dutch rider and team director, is an outspoken opponent of the system:

"A true professional doesn't need to be told about his every move," he said. "The radios do more harm than good."

Frankie Andreu, the former Motorola and US Postal pro who is working with the OLN TV Tour crew, thinks the radios have made an important contribution:

"The best thing about the radios is that the race is safer. That overrides everything else. You don't have team cars coming up to the pack when you're going 40 miles an hour and telling the riders to move to the front or move back.

"Not having the cars coming up is a huge difference. It used to get scary."

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