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July 21, 2003

OLN-TV daily reports updated

  • Phil Liggett:
    Has Lance Armstrong done enough to win the Tour? I would not bet on it just yet.

    Lance's camp is jubilant, and judging by his expressions on the podium, he might feel he has. On the other hand, Jan Ullrich said he had expected to lose two minutes and he is happy with the way things are. So what do you think?

  • Paul Sherwen:
    Then I remembered what my friend Graham Jones (20th place finisher in the Tour in the 1980's working here for BBC radio) said to me in Gap, "jamais deux sans trois." Basically meaning bad luck always happens in threes!

    Meaux, Gap, Luz Ardiden. Stage 1 pile up involving Lance, riding across a meadow to avoid Beloki's crash and finally catching a spectator’s promotional bag. The series should now be closed and Armstrong should win the Tour for the fifth time but Paris is still a long way off. I hope he does win because today he showed the true mettle of a champion. As did Jan Ullrich and the rest when they didn't take advantage of the Texan's misfortune.

    What a great race. What a great sport. There are still gentlemen in this world.

  • Bob Roll:
    Cycling provides us with our most powerful allegories, because when Lance fell on the ground, that was the bolt of lightening that illuminated what’s at the heart of the struggle -- when we crash, we follow that with our most powerful effort. What Lance did today will be remembered forever … as long as he goes on to win the Tour … and Lance Armstrong is not likely to let that opportunity slip away. This has been Lance’s most difficult Tour, and if he wins, he will look back, and cherish this one more than any other.
  • Chris Carmichael:
    If there is anything positive to say about a fan causing a crash in the Tour de France, it may have been the jolt that finally stirred Armstrong back to life. By the time he got back on his bike, his demeanor and body language had completely changed. Here was a Tour de France champion where only a few minutes earlier a mere race leader had ridden.

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how can you enter to win the trek bike

Posted by: joe at Jul 25, 2003 1:45:42 AM

Hi, I am from the UK and I have just finished watching the Tour de France on ITV.
During the final time trial they played a song when they were comparing Lance and Jan. I think it could be called revolution, I was wondering if anyone knew what it was called and who sang it.
Thanks Jen

Posted by: Jennifer Ward at Jul 29, 2003 5:00:39 PM

I would like to know if any of the other TDF competitors have the same training regiment that Lance does? Or are these training techniques specially designed just for Lance?
And why did Roberto Heras leave US Postal?

Posted by: Pat at Jul 5, 2004 11:01:41 PM

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