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July 10, 2003

Simoni on team time trial

Bicycling Magazine | Gilberto Simoni: Big Letdown

Simoni has taken over with a translated rider diary at Bicycling, which was to feature Levi Leipheimer, who broke his pelvis in the Stage 1 pileup.

Simoni's disappointed, but not conceding: "I can't keep secret my disappoint today. The team time trial's result is very different from what I imagined. It's a very bad surprise for me in this Tour de France, it was a very impressive experience till now...

This is our defeat, and we have to accept it. Somebody will think I was so careless to declare our ambitions about this stage. Well, I repeat, all of us were absolutely convinced we're a very strong team. It was an unlucky day, maybe. Now we need some hours to digest this result, we will succeed in it. Since the moment I left from Italy, I was sure this Tour de France would be a very, very hard task, but I was ready to face it. I don't change my opinion at all.

Now I have to accept this new situation. I'm three minutes behind Lance Armstrong. I've to beat him on the climbs. I won't surrender, my supporters have to be sure about it. And I'll ask the same to my teammates."

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