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July 14, 2003

Tour headline du jour | Armstrong Goes Cross Country

16 H 50 - Armstrong Goes Cross Country

It's like a Nike ad... Lance has cut out a hairpin turn and raced across a field to rejoin the peloton after racing off the road to avoid the fallen Beloki.

This will make all the sports highlights shows: Beloki fishtailed on a slick spot on the road, went down, and Armstrong rode off the road, and cut down to rejoin his group.

Beloki has been loaded in an ambulance, and will be out of the Tour.

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As predicted by many, this TDF is developing into a most challenging test for Lance and his USPS teammates. It appears that the other teams have colluded to apply constant pressure through concerted attacks at every opportunity in hopes of breaking Lance and the USPS. I hope that Lance and the boys are holding back something to surprise these fellows soon. I predict that the final time gap between Lance and second place will be less than three minutes but Lance and USPS will have their fifth consecutive TDF victory and a place in cycling history. I don't see this happening again in my lifetime because of the constantly improving talent appearing each year. Go, Lance! Next year-No. 6.

Posted by: Marcel Perez at Jul 14, 2003 12:33:19 PM

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