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July 12, 2003

USA Today | 'The Look' put sport on U.S. radar

USA Today posts a look at "The Look", when Lance Armstrong checked the rear-view and motored away from Jan Ullrich in the 2001 stage to L'Alpe d'Huez:

Sports Illustrated columnist Austin Murphy declared afterward that Armstrong's audacious stare "was exactly when cycling officially lost its status as a fringe sport in this country."

Armstrong has always denied that there was any disrespect:

"I wasn't being arrogant or cocky," Armstrong said in a January 2003 interview. "I was looking to see his condition and that of the riders behind him. I had to examine the situation. But when I saw it on TV, I could see why people were talking about it."

The story also recounts "The Bluff", when Armstrong did his best to look beaten earlier in the stage.

Seen at LOGos Tour Blog.

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