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July 18, 2003

VeloNews | Armstrong: Hot, parched and 'going backwards'

And while a bubbly Ullrich explained how he meticulously prepared for the crucial 12th stage "down to the last meter," Armstrong - appearing perhaps symbolically in his normal team jersey and not the race leader's yellow jersey - admitted he'd made a major blunder.

"Maybe it was too hot for me. I suffered," said Armstrong, who had called Friday's time trial the most important time trial in his Tour career. "I didn't feel so good on the (last) climb. There was a moment where I felt like I was going backwards. I felt thirsty throughout the stage, and it was the thirstiest I've ever felt in a time trial.

"In the second half of the course there was a moment when I knew I had a problem. I'd run out of water and, well, maybe I didn't drink enough before the stage. It's crazy because I knew it was going to be 35 degrees (Celsius) and we'd gone over the course in the morning."

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