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July 21, 2003

VeloNews | Dog breath : A truly Grand Boucle

Patrick O'Grady, cartoonist and columnist for VeloNews, has a column up, lamenting his decision to drop satellite TV before what's become the best Tour of recent memory:

Just 18 seconds separate Armstrong, Ullrich and Vinokourov as the Tour goes into goat country once again on Monday: The Col d'Aspin, Col du Tourmalet and Luz Ardiden, with 10,000 feet of up in 43km of climbing over the last 78 klicks. I wouldn't tackle that action in my good truck with a satellite phone and the AAA all paid up.

But these guys will. And if Vino' keeps acting all froggy, well, Lance might just have to do a little hopping his own bad self. Vino's last, best chance comes Monday. But Ullrich, having beat both men like dusty rugs in that first TT, might just be willing to sit up and wave bye-bye as his former Telekom teammate scampers on up that long and lonely road, betting the jersey that he can do it again come the stage-19 race of truth, when it will be time to raise, fold or call.

Me, I'm calling - calling a friend and teammate who's got cable, that is. I bet a full rack of Starbucks java and a sack of Krispy Kremes that I'm watching Le Tour on something besides a PowerBook tomorrow morning.

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