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July 22, 2003

VeloNews | The Tour takes a pause - A Rest Day report

USPS team spokesman Jogi Mueller is quoted saying Armstrong has no lasting ill effects from Monday's crash:

"The team staff checked him out, but he looks great and he's feeling good after the big ride Monday. He didn't feel worse overnight, so that's a good sign because normally if you're hurt in a crash you feel it the next morning," Mueller said.

US Postal still has no idea what's causing Roberto Heras breathing difficulties. A quick X-ray and checkup at a French hospital didn't turn anything up.

Also, Jan Ullrich expressed some displeasure with the Euskaltel riders, who contested a sprint at the end of Monday's stage:

"I don't understand the actions of Mayo to sprint for second place. What does he need the time bonus for? This gesture is not very sporting because I was doing all the work on the climb without receiving relief from anyone and later he attacked me," Ullrich said. "At least Zubeldia was a gentleman."

I don't think Zubeldia intended to be "a gentleman" -- it looked to me like Jan just beat him at the line (they had to go to the photo to verify who won).

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This comment from Ullrich is entirely consistent with his earlier reaction to questions about his decision to hold up after LA caught the spectator's musette.

That said, Ullrich's declarations of sportsmanship, both good and bad, do conflict somewhat with Tyler Hamilton's post-Statge 15 interview.

TH said that he felt as though he had to catch up with and motion for the Ullrich group to hold back for LA. TH described the unwritten rule of cycling, that it wasn't right for the group to be continuing the climb without showing respect to the Yellow Jersey.

Posted by: Matthew at Jul 22, 2003 11:44:45 PM