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July 10, 2003

What he doesn't know about cycling...

SI.com | French dissing: Lance isn't getting much love from Tour's home country

Sports Illustrated's Frank Deford joins the unknowing talking heads who have to come up with something to say during the Tour.

Major kneeslappers:

"He [Armstrong] is a member of the U.S. Postal Service team, which is staffed mostly by Flemish-speaking Belgians."

Here's the USPS roster. It's one of the most diverse teams in the peloton. Even if you limit yourself to just riders in the Tour, you've got 3 Americans, 3 Spaniards, a Russian, a Czech, and a Colombian. Sure, the team managers are Belgians, but that's pretty common.

"[T]here is much speculation that this is the year the champion will fail to hold onto the winner's yellow shirt."

First, we don't call it a shirt. Second, I haven't been reading or hearing that speculation. There's been speculation of the form "It's hard to have all the breaks go your way year after year, so there's a chance Armstrong won't win...", but that's an entirely different line of logic...

"It drives the French crazy that he constantly trains, seldom actually racing."


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