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July 26, 2003

www.cyclingnews.com presents the 90th Tour de France, 2003.

cyclingnews.com has a good wrap-up of some of the continuing Tour news: quotes about the Time Trial from Armstrong, Ullrich, both their coaches and others; discussion with Robbie McEwen on his strategy to win the green jersey he currently holds; a look at Michael Rogers's Tour, and an update on Uwe Peschel (he may have a punctured lung).

My favorite, though is a look at Lotto-Domo rider Hans de Clerq, the overall last-place rider (aka the lanterne rouge) in his second Tour:

"I have this title now and I'm not giving it to someone else," he continued. "Nobody dreams of being the very last rider in the Tour, but once you're there you've come to like it. Conquering the title is easy, keeping it is much more difficult: the ideal Lanterne has to finish every day on time, but not earlier than strictly necessary. I really want to reach Paris, only to prove that the so-called 'kermesse riders' can do it."

"It is only my second Tour and I love riding it, but I always have to feel useful. I told Marc Sergeant that I was candidate as long as he would go with a sprinter like McEwen, but if he went with a top climber, he could better leave me home as I am useless at climbing. Working for Robbie, that's why I'm doing it for: Robbie in green on the Champs Elysées and my Tour is a total success.

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