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July 17, 2003

Yahoo! Sport | Hamilton show is bad for cycling: Roche

Ireland's Stephen Roche, who in 1987 won the Tour, the Giro, and the world's championship, says Tyler Freaking Hamilton should get off the road:

"If the doctor says it's broken or fractured then he shouldn't be racing. It's as simple as that," Roche says.

"I mean, it's not doing any favours for the image of cycling. For the past few years cycling has been getting its act together (vis-a-vis doping) and the commentators on TV are going mad about Hamilton - 'he's in the saddle, and he's out of the saddle etc etc'."

"But I think all he and his team are doing is giving the public a gun to shoot us with."

"People watching what's happening are going to be asking themselves, 'is this guy for real' or they are going to be saying 'what kind of shit (drugs) are they giving him?' "

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Roche isn't the only pro who thinks that Hammilton's injury is to much of a show: here is a translation (Google) of a German article about this. One quote from Telekom's trainer Walter Godefroot: he thinks it's "cheap American advertisement".

Posted by: Chris K at Jul 17, 2003 5:51:42 PM

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