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September 05, 2003

Daily Peloton | USPS Ready to Rumble in Spain

This year, Heras had rough trip around France with a respiratory illness that put him off his game, but USPS/Berry Floor Director Sportif Johan Bruyneel says that Heras is fully recovered from the tour and ready to take on the challenge: "He took some time off after the Tour, tested his feelings at the Tour of Burgos, left that race and has continued to work hard since."

For his part, Heras says he is there to win, telling reporters in Spain that, annoyed by his close... but no cigar rides in the past two years, he intends to fight for victory.

The Posties will be bringing most of their Tour-winning team, including George Hincapie, Manuel Beltran, Floyd Landis, Heras, and Jose Luis Rubiera, along with Benoit Joachim, Michael Barry, Matt White and Max Van Heeswijk. Heras won the Vuelta in 2000, and finished 2nd last year.

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