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September 04, 2003

Eurosport | Cipollini in La Vuelta

Domine Vacanze and their team leader, world champion Mario Cipollini, will take the start of the La Vuelta on Saturday, Unipublic, organisers of the Spanish cycling Tour confirmed to France's press agency AFP.

"Mario Cipollini and his team Domine Vacanze are on the road towards Gijon (north, concentration area for all the Vuelta teams)" a spokesperson from Unipublic told AFP adding that the organisation "hadn't officially excluded the Italian team from the race".

On Tuesday, Unipublic had announced that they would refuse Domine Vacanze from taking the start of the Vuelta on Saturday if Cipollini was not present as the team was given a wild card as it promised the presence of the world champion.

Guess we'll know for sure on Sunday, when the Vuelta kicks off.

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