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December 28, 2003

Newsday.com - Armstrong Named AP Male Athlete of Year

Newsday.com | Armstrong Named AP Male Athlete of Year

But just when his dominance of one of world's most grueling sports events teetered near its end, Armstrong fought off Jan Ullrich of Germany by 62 seconds to put himself in position to become the first rider to win six in a row in 2004.

On Sunday, Armstrong was honored as The Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year, the second straight year he's won the award voted on by sports writers and broadcasters.

Once more, Armstrong beat out Barry Bonds, who was 2nd to Armstrong last year, and 1st in 2001 (just ahead of Armstrong).

This is a good thing for bike racing, since it's voted on by the rank-and-file sports writers throughout the United States. With Armstrong's retirement only a year or two away, it will be interesting to see whether the other Americans in the peloton can keep the sport in the public eye once Lance, who is the perfect made-for-TV cyclist, is retired.

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A few short questions:
- Shouldn't Paolo have his own real team and be racing LA for the TDF? With a little bit of team support in the mountains he could really be a contender!
- What kind of deal does Paolo have with Discovery? Aahh, it all becomes clear now. Azevedo, Danielson, etc. Quite a good one, I conclude.

The Giro was wonderful - a superior, and very smart, rider with weaker rider support in the mountains pulled it off.

But how strange the irony of his team being the dominating force a the last handful of TDFs!

The money is probably very good - but Oh what Lance's many proteges gain in discipline and training skills!

Posted by: Graham Knopp at May 29, 2005 4:49:30 AM

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