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December 28, 2003

Ullrich update

independent.co.uk | Cycling: Ullrich set to unseat Armstrong

The team that T-Mobile is building around Ullrich is certainly one to be reckoned with:

Certainly the sensation that T-Mobile have quietly been raising an army to take on Armstrong on his own terms is now unavoidable. Led by Ullrich, there are those who believe that his Kazakh team-mate Alexandre Vinokourov, third in this year's Tour, is capable of giving both the German and the American a run for their money next July.

...T-Mobile's spokesman, Luuc Eisengaa ... told The Independent: "Of course we think that Jan can win. But we believe that Lance Armstrong remains the favourite for the 2004 Tour." In a rare burst of self-analysis, Ullrich is cautiously optimistic: he now argues that "I'm my own biggest rival" - not Armstrong. But there is no doubt he can be his own worst enemy as has been proved by his past sloppy training habits and tendency to gulp down too much of his favourite food, German potato cake, rather than concentrate on his weight. This is in stark contrast to Armstrong, who weighs every gram of food he consumes, in and out of season.

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