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January 15, 2004

Kelme's fate to be decided

Procycling.com | Valverde talks to Saeco with Kelme on the brink

Today is the deadline for Kelme and Domina Vacanze to finish application for Division 2, after being denied Division 1 status last week.

According to Procycling.com:

On Tuesday Kelme team boss Pepe Quiles turned down the Comunidad Valenciana’s offers to take over the running of the team in exchange for Quiles taking on an honourary role, although there were further negotiations between the two sides during most of Wednesday. It now remains to be seen whether Quiles can now provide the financial guarantees that prevented his team being accepted into the first division by the UCI last week.

Kelme team leader Alejandro Valverde is reported to have traveled to Italy for discussions with Saeco.

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