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March 25, 2004

US Track champion Sbeih suspended for 2 years

USADA | Press Releases

The US Anti-Doping Agency has suspended Adham Sbeih, the 2003 US champion in the 4,000 meter pursuit, for EPO, through August 2005. According to the documents released by the USADA, Sbeih retired from cycling in February, just before proceedings began in his hearing.

"This decision should reassure all clean athletes that USADA and science are on their side, and that we are making significant strides through research and the application of science to eliminate drug use from sport,” said Terry Madden, USADA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Sbeih tested positive at nationals in August 2003. He becomes the first US athlete suspended for EPO. The USADA has PDF files of both the press release announcing the suspension and the American Arbitration Association decision upholding the suspension.

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