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April 12, 2004

Cooke: I'll sue Le Monde over doping story

FOX SPORTS | I'm no cheat: Cooke (April 13, 2004)

A story in the French daily Le Monde (in French) on Tuesday claims to reveal the transcript of a phone call between suspended cyclist Philippe Boyer and "a supposed friend of Cooke's, a woman called Sandrine."

"Sandrine" discusses problems she said Cooke was suffering after injecting himself with amphetamines:

"He had flashes in his eyes and he was trembling like mad," she is reported to have told Boyer.

Against Boyer's advice the article says she called a doctor and told him that she and her friend "had taken amphetamines to go out".

Cooke, currently racing for fdjeux.com, categorically denied the allegations and said he would sue Le Monde:

"I absolutely deny the alleged facts and the insinuations which suggest I'm a drug addict," Cooke said in a statement released by his lawyer, Jean-Marc Allery.

"I am forced to start immediate legal proceedings against the paper," added the Fdjeux.com rider.

The call was recorded by French police investigating the 1998 death of an amateur cyclist.

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