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April 25, 2004

More on Grajales' Stage 6 win

AJC.com | Hometown hero wins Stage

The Atlanta paper has a pretty good wrap-up of Saturday's stage (especially when you consider that Saturday was draft day for the Falcons!). Karen Rosen got to talk to Armstrong, Jittery Joe's director Micah Rice, and stage winner Cesar Grajales.

Armstrong on Grajales:

"He was very strong," Armstrong said. "That was a maximum effort on my part and on Jens' part, and we couldn't catch him, so, very, very impressive. Good for him."

Armstrong on the final climb, up 4,679-foot Brasstown Bald:

"It was harder than I had anticipated," Armstrong said. "I kept looking up and thinking, 'There's no way we're going to the top, because we have less than 10 kilometers to go.' But now I understand.

"When you go up the side of a wall, it's pretty easy to climb fast."

Grajales' team director on the win:

"It's the biggest thing that has ever happened to us," team director Micah Rice said. "We always knew he had the ability, so we held on and worked with him, and it finally paid off," said Rice, who expects Grajales to be picked up by a larger team.

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