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May 24, 2004

Coming Soon? Tour of California endorsed by state

ProCyclingTour.com | State Endorses Week Long Tour of California

The new event is expected to be part of the Pro Cycling Tour, along with the T-Mobile International in San Francisco, the BMC New York City Championship, and the Wachovia Cycling Series in Philadelphia, and will be run by Threshold Sports LLC and California Pro Cycling.

Former LA mayor (and state Secretary of Education) Richard Riordan will oversee the project for the state and serve on its advisory board.

California Pro Cycling, the company that will organize the event was formed and funded by business executives with a passion for cycling. According to their president, Ken Bishop, the company has been planning the event for nearly two years: “The United States needs a high profile international stage race and California has the terrain, scenic beauty and major media markets that will make this one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world in California’s tradition of hosting world class events like the Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer, Breeder’s Cup and more, ” Bishop said.

It seems this is bad news for the increasingly successful Tour de Georgia, since there's never been room on the US schedule for more than one big-name stage race.

State endorsement and seed financing from California Pro Cycling will help launch the effort to secure interested corporate sponsors and media partners, an effort that will continue until the $5 million required to stage the event is raised. “The interest level from sponsors is quite high”, said Bishop. “We are optimistic about securing funding to launch the event in 2005 or, at the latest, Spring 2006.”

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does anyone know the link to the site for the tour of california?

Posted by: bikeape at Nov 19, 2004 3:50:26 AM

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