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June 14, 2004

Armstrong to file suit against 'LA Confidential' authors

VeloNews.com | Armstrong and Tailwind respond to doping allegations

Lance Armstrong's response to the new book is pretty short and sweet:

Lance Armstrong utterly denies ever having taken any performance enhancing drugs.

Accordingly, Lance Armstrong has instructed his lawyers to immediately institute libel proceedings

1) In the High Court in London against the Sunday Times and David Walsh seeking an injunction and substantial damages
2)  In Paris, against David Walsh, Pierre Ballester, the publishers of ‘LA Confidential' and the publishers of L'Express.

Proceedings will be filed in the High Court tomorrow.

Libel laws in the UK are notoriously plaintiff-friendly, suggesting that Sunday Times lawyers either completely fell down on the job here, or are confident the book can withstand a legal challenge.

VeloNews also has the first group of letters responding to the doping allegations. They seem to break down into 2 camps: "There's absolutely no way Lance is doping; with all those negative test results, this is just a smear campaign" and "Of course, Lance is doping: It's the only way to stay competitive."

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I hope OLN doesn't start calling this "Tour de Libel."

Anyway, I'm not an attorney, but I wonder: if one writes a book that contains interviews of people who are not truthful, but the quotes are written verbatim, is the author guilty of libel? My guess is generally not, except where it can be shown that the author knew the interviewees were lying.

Regardless, I'm a staunch believer in "innocent until proven guilty." Attacking Lance on the eve of his defense of the TdF crown is a cheap shot. Unfortunately, unsubstantiated doping allegations are gaining favor, such as the recent USADA rule change allowing Olympic bans based on hearsay. Truly sad.

Posted by: Sprocket at Jun 15, 2004 12:27:28 AM

Jealousy, jealousy...some people have talent which other people find the need to pick and pick at out of pure jealousy and desire to be exactly like that person. What a shame...

Posted by: Leigh Taylor at Jun 29, 2004 10:39:54 PM

There's no way Lance is taking performance-enhancing drugs. This guy has a pain-threshold tolerance and a V02-MAX that is second to none. THAT is what makes him a formidable competitor. And guess what? This is NOTHING new. He's had this since he was 15 years old and was winning state and national triathlons. People are just trying to bring the man down, and I think it's pathetic. Go Lance! I hope you take #6 and shut everyone up for GOOD!!

Posted by: Kenneth Hans at Jun 30, 2004 7:40:37 PM

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