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June 15, 2004

Book release confidential: The secrets of 'The secrets of...'

Procycling | Armstrong to wage legal war over book

Procycling.com confirms what I had initially suspected: For a high-profile tell-all book on one of the world's most popular athletes, L.A. Confidential: The Secrets of Lance Armstrong certainly has a low profile.

A series of French and English bookshops contacted by procycling today claimed to have no advance information about "LA Confidential" and could offer no pointers as to its launch date. Earlier reports had suggested the 384-page work would hit the shelves later this week.

Quoting from the Sunday Times article (available online only to subscribers), Procycling notes that "tight security surrounded the printing of the book at a location known only to the publisher and its lawyers."

The book doesn't appear at either Amazon UK or Amazon France.

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You can buy the book from fnac.


Posted by: tofu at Jun 20, 2004 9:24:57 AM

You can buy the book...but who really wants to read that crap.

I think it is just written by people attempting to pull a great cyclist,and an admirable man down.

Buying the book puts you down in the mud withthe swines.

Posted by: Bea at Jul 15, 2004 12:56:53 PM

Where can I buy L.A. Confidentiel in English print? Thanks. - CT

Posted by: Chad at Aug 7, 2004 11:13:47 PM

I think it's great that someone has finally come forward and written a book that leaves the reader questioning the validity of Armstrong's miracle comeback.These are experienced journalists.Both have covered several Tours de France and won awards for excellence in their field.They are not hacks just trying to sell a book as Armstrong would have you believe..What a joke Armstrong is!And the media especially here in the USA just loves him.There was a program on ESPN called Outside the Lines where they interviewed a former team doctor who was told to keep quiet by Armstrong.They interviewed Greg LeMond who was told by Armstrong to keep quiet.Notice a pattern?He uses the same m o, "I have a lot of money and lawyers,I can make your life miserable".Why is Armstrong so concerned with Simeoni?Simeoni testified against a Doctor(Ferreri)who is known for supplying riders with drugs.You would think he would be happy to rid the sport of cancers like Ferrari.Why didn't he call out his good friend David Millar who just recently got busted for EPO?Everyone in cycling knows Lance is on EPO big-time.It turned him from a good rider to the greatest ever(greatest chemically enhanced).For all of you Lance lovers out there my advice to you is to wake up.Look at his career before cancer and then look at what he has done since.It does not add up!He reminds me a lot of Ben Johnson the Canadian sprinter.Dramatic improvement,way too dramatic!If you want to believe the fairy tale enjoy it.I hope you come to your senses someday.They got it right on Alpe d'Huez,"EPO Lance""EPOstal!"

Posted by: Vinny at Aug 9, 2004 10:17:05 PM

Lance got tested so many times he lost counting, why don't they find it then? Are the others so stupid ore is Lance to smart? I say good for him then.

Posted by: Linda at Jul 1, 2005 3:44:47 AM

Here are the facts: 1.) Testicles have leydig cells that produce testosterone and testosterone, among many other things, influences hematocrit, anabolism and low body fat. 2.) Lance had cancer that resulted in the loss of one of his testicles and the "blasting" of the other with chemo and radiation that may have left its leydig cells incapable of testosterone production. 3.) Men are not men without testosterone and a male athlete without testosterone is, well, NOT. 4.) If all of the above is true, in order to continue, Lance MUST have testosterone injections - one every 10 days or so. Thus O'Reilly's needle contention may have veracity. 4.) During prolonged, intense physical effort (Tour de France), it is common for an athlete's level of "free" (avaiable for use) testosterone to drop. However, if one is supplementing (perhaps with UCI approval to not exceed "normal" levels for a 33 year old), those levels remain stable, and thus gives one a slight edge over ones competitors.
So, what does all this mean? It means that Lance has not "cheated" in the classic sense. He may have, out of NECESSITY, kept his testosterone levels stable. His competitive life, and indeed his life as a male, could not proceed without it.
*It is important to note that the UCI refused to allow a rider, stung by a wasp during the Tour a few years ago, to use cortisone to stop the swelling and allergic reaction. Cortisone is a banned substance. The rider was forced to abandon.
Has the UCI made an exception in Lance's case? Has the nature of the immense importance of testosterone to human physiology (and Lance's physiology) created a glitch in the rules? I don't know. I used to think they (the UCI) would have just said, "Sorry. You can't compete any more. Testosterone is banned, under ANY circumstances!" And maybe they did. What would you do? Quit? Fight for an alteration of the rules? Or inject testosterone (in an undetectable form) to maintain normal levels, with no ones knowledge but yours? We may never know the answer to Lance's choice. We DO know he didn't quit.

Posted by: Dr. Israel Ubique at Aug 4, 2005 2:56:11 PM

Good comments!... nevertheless, one thing is for sure. Armstrong has been tested more than anybody, in history. Not once has he been found guilty of a banned substance, not once!. So, the question remains. Is he a mad scientist, beating all tests and laboratory analyses, so much brighter and medically advanced than all of the scientist staff in the UCI or anti-doping agencies?... if so, then, Lance would be much better off being a scientist or a doctor, which he is obviously not. Thus, for all you haters, just open your eyes and be fair about this. Once, maybe twice, unlikely three times, you can fool the world. But, you cannot fool the rest of the world and cycling community 7 years in a row, with not one evidence against him. Lance is the greatest cyclist of all times, whether you like it or not. Think love, not hate, and pedal a bit faster, you might be good one day.

Posted by: Irongus at Jul 27, 2006 1:54:49 PM

Lance Armstrong was one of the biggest dopers of all time. After only five months between 1995 and 1996. He droped 20 lbs. and was bigger than some of his teamates who were 4 to 6 inches taller than him. They told him that he was "frickkin huge", and that he looked like a linebacker. He went from a one-day racer that couldn't climb the mountians in the Tour de France, to a multi-stage racer that beat the "supermen" of the sport. I'm sorry folks, but no one does that with only 5 months in the gym. Wake up and smell the coffee. He just knew how to escape detection by adjusting his training schedules and how to do what and when to do it during the races. because he was not detected doesn't make him honest and not a cheat. Is a murderer who is never caught not a murder? I think not. Using Anabolic Steroids bashes the Immune System so bad that a user can come down with diseases, such as Testicular Cancer, that they normally wouldn't contract. Yes, it is a circumstantial case, but, then again, many criminal cases are won on good circumstantial evidence.

Posted by: Paul at Aug 22, 2007 11:45:21 PM

Lance has just told the world he's coming back. If he is up to what the book say's , and did get caught in next years tour , he could termanally damage the way joe public look at professional cycling.I beleve he has stayed ahead of the testing game , and should'nt chance being caught.If he does win the tour in 09 ,I will just think he's on the next best thing,they won't test for it. Will he ride of the front in the same way, or just act tired,and ride it easily?

Posted by: Dom at Sep 10, 2008 5:46:14 PM

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