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June 26, 2004

Di Luca: Why ban me but not Armstrong?

Channelnewsasia.com | Why me and not Armstrong? asks barred Tour de France rider Di Luca

Saeco's Danilo Di Luca, who is apparently barred from the Tour because he's been implicated but not charged in an ongoing police investigation into drugs provided by an Italian doctor, told AFP that there's as much reason to ban 5-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong as to keep Di Luca from starting the Tour on Saturday.

"I've never tested positive and the phone taps which claim to involve myself reveal nothing.

"What's more, the (sport's governing body) UCI has already said that the position of Leblanc is unfounded," added Di Luca, who said he had been a victim of over-zealous Italian police.

"I just happen to be the subject of an investigation by the Italian law because that's the way it is here."

He added: "I also wonder if (Lance) Armstrong will be at the start line, after the revelations in this book, which alleges that he has used illicit substances, and which was allowed to be published in France by French judges."

Di Luca is still racing, and will participate in Italy's national championships tomorrow.

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