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June 29, 2004

Equipment-porn tour tech PR makes the papers

MercuryNews.com | Tour de tech

Gosh, maybe it is all about the bike.

In amongst the ads for AMD, Trek, Nike, Giro, RIM's Crackberry, and US Postal, there are a couple of interesting tech nuggets in this story ...

Oh, never mind. No, there aren't. It's also got at least one embarrassing error:

``If you take a look at what the other companies have been testing, their helmets are incredibly clunky,'' said Andrew Juskaitis, technical editor of Velo News, a bicycle racing magazine. ``No one else in the Tour will have a helmet like Lance's.''

Hmmmm. I guess Giro repossessed the helmets Tyler Hamilton and Viatcheslav Ekimov wore at the Dauphiné.

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