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June 29, 2004

Gazzetta reports Di Luca to start for Saeco

Gazzetta dello Sport - Quell'Italia con vista sul Tour

The Italian sports daily reports that Danilo Di Luca will start for Saeco, despite a link reported by LeMonde in mid-June between Di Luca and 4 other riders and an Italian doctor nicknamed 'Ali the Chemist.'

If it's true, it looks like his protestations may have worked.

You have to wonder if the ASO will relent on Cedric Vasseur if they actually let Di Luca take the start.

Cycling4all.com is reporting the Saeco squad (based on the Gazzetta story) as:

• Gilberto Simoni
• Stefano Casagranda
• Mirko Celestino
• Salvatore Commesso
• Danilo Di Luca - ??
• Gerrit Glomser
• Jörg Ludewig
• Evgueni Petrov
• Marius Sabaliauskas

And here's another team skimping on Australians by substituting an Austrian, Gerrit Glomser.

Cycling4All.com also reports that the Liberty Seguros squad is finalized, featuring Heras, Allan Davis as the Australian, Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano (henceforth "G de G") and Christian Vande Velde, as reported earlier.

Domina Vacanze are also complete, flouting the Australian rule with an entirely Italian squad supporting (and likely pushing, given his fitness level lately) Mario Cipollini. Not a tucker-bag in sight.

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