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June 30, 2004

How about big-boned?

Eurosport.com | Exclusive: Don't call him fat

Eurosport's got an exclusive Tour preview with Jan Ullrich. It's interesting that Ullrich, who has a reputation for being a comparatively poor bike handler would say, "Of course, I have had a real close look at all those dangerous and sharp curves and steep descents and climbs."

Eurosport: We saw you last year at the Tour of Switzerland when you said: 'Someone has to beat Lance Armstrong, and this person has to be me because I don't have much time left'. What is your message this year?

J.U.: "The person that knocks Lance off his throne will eventually be the greatest, that's for sure. Personally, I'm very ambitious and I want to perform well and I want to win the Tour de France again after 1997."

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