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June 14, 2004

L.A. Confidential: New book alleges Armstrong doping

VeloNews.com | Upcoming book alleges Armstrong involved in doping

There's a new tell-all book coming out on Tuesday, co-authored by former L'Equipe cycling specialist Pierre Ballester and Sunday Times sports reporter David Walsh, that features allegations by former US Postal physiotherapist Emma O'Reilly that, during her time with the team, Armstrong used EPO, and that O'Reilly collected drugs in Spain that she took back to Armstrong at a training camp in the Pyrenees. She also details her involvement in dumping bags of syringes after the 1998 Tour of Holland.

Also quoted in the book is Stephen Swart of New Zealand, who rode with Armstrong on the Motorola team in 1994-1995.

Co-author Walsh is the same reporter who, in 2001, publicized Armstrong's link to Michele Ferrari, who was forced out of the team doctor role at Gewiss-Ballan after claiming that EPO is no more dangerous than orange juice, if used correctly.

Armstrong has apparently sent Walsh a letter threatening legal action if the new book includes doping allegations.

The allegations will apparently be excerpted in L'Express, a French weekly. I've looked for the book on Amazon's US and French sites, and can't find it yet.

CyclingNews.com reports that the book also charges that Armstrong bought his 1993 Triple Crown by paying the Coors Light team not to compete. The former DS of that team denies those charges, but says a deal was discussed:

"[W]e agreed not to attack him so we could win team classification and he could win the overall.

"But when we got to Philly, there was no deal," Pettyjohn added. "And our guys didn't race like there was a deal. On the ninth time up the Manayunk Wall, Roberto Gaggioli attacked and made a selection. But he came back to the car after and said 'I hope (Lance) doesn't attack... I'm toast.' But Lance attacked on the last time up the Wall and there was nobody who could cover his move.

"I never saw any money change hands nor heard any of the guys talk about it," he said.

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more info on the book how to buy.

Posted by: sean newington at Jul 8, 2004 12:40:32 PM

Where do I buy the book - in English please.

Posted by: JT at Jul 16, 2004 6:12:35 PM

Thank God for Google!
A public library searched for the book L.A. Confidential and came up empty. Google had it listed for publication soon. Thanks

Posted by: j.b.johnson at Jul 19, 2004 7:53:12 PM


Posted by: Hans at Aug 27, 2005 7:09:10 AM

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