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June 17, 2004

Leipheimer on Dauphiné TT, Armstrong rumors

Bike.com | Levi Speaks About His Final Tour Preparation

Levi Leipheimer's diary at Bike.com has been updated with his take on the Dauphiné, and especially the ITT on Mont Ventoux ("One hour uphill in 100+ degree weather is torture").

He predicts Armstrong is right on track for a 6th consecutive win at the Tour de France, as he says Armstrong's form improved steadily through the Dauphiné. Leipheimer also offers his congratulations on the new Discovery Channel team: "American cycling will continue to have a home team."

It's not so great to hear about the tabloid trash coming out accusing Lance of cheating. I really hope no one buys this book and supports this "speculation". This crap is only written to make money so don't buy into it. Our sport has already paid enough. The writer has admitted to having no proof to back his claims so why waste your time?

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