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June 30, 2004

Oh, the humanity: The trials of the Tour reporter

Chicago Tribune | Covering Tour can be a fog, yet fantastic (free registration required)

Bonnie DeSimone of the Chicago Tribune offers a feature story on what it's like to work the Tour: the drunken Basques, the gridlocked mountains, and the "goat roads."

On a typical day, we drive to the start, grab a strong coffee, do interviews at the team vans (competing with mobs of camera-wielding fans), drive to the finish, find the press room, watch the stage, drink more strong coffee, scramble to the team vans (competing with mobs of autograph-seeking fans) to do more interviews, write a story, drive to a hotel, eat, crash.

Sounds fairly straightforward, right? But I haven't mentioned the gridlock created when half of France is vacationing and the other half is at the race, or the roadblocks that aren't on the map, or searching, exhausted, for a tiny auberge late at night knowing you'll have to wake the proprietor.

All those pampered cyclists have to do is ride 2,000-plus miles.

I'm doing my best to work up a little sympathy.....

Seen at Romenesko's MediaNews.

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oh my god! I'm sure the logistics are a nightmare, but really - to get paid to report on the Tour? What a dream!

Posted by: lancefan at Jun 30, 2004 7:05:31 PM