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July 08, 2004

4 Tour riders investigated for doping may face action

procycling | Doubts hang over four Tour riders

Procycling reports that officials of the Tour de France are still considering taking action against four riders, one with US Postal, who may be under investigation in doping probes dating back as far as 2000.

The story claims race organizers are "under intense pressure to react on Thursday."

The original source for the story is the Wednesday edition of Le Monde, a French daily.

Pavel Padrnos of US Postal, Stefano Zanini of Quick Step, and Martin Hvastija of Alessio-Bianchi may be under investigation from drug raids conducted during the 2001 Giro d'Italia.

Stefano Casagranda, Le Monde reported, is being investigated on charges he bought EPO in 2000.

Johan Bruyneel repeated earlier assertions that charges against Padrnos have been dropped:

“I find it very, very surprising that this has suddenly become news again,” Buryneel said.

Le Monde reports, however, that Padrnos and Zanini have been summoned to San Remo to appear October 27 on charges of violating Italy's anti-doping law.

If the riders were excluded from the ongoing Tour, their teams would suddenly be a man short.

Update: Procycling also talked with Johan Bruyneel about Padrnos' case.

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Just a reminder ... "team" is singular, ONE team (even though a team is made of up more than one member)... so it would be "the team is" not "the team are," which I've heard Phil and Paul say many times. If you say "team members" it would be "are," ie: "the team members are"
Thanks for the great coverage!!

Posted by: Guen Smith at Jul 8, 2004 3:24:21 PM

Isn't that one of those rules that's different in British and American English/grammar?

Posted by: Christopher at Jul 8, 2004 4:04:25 PM

so it would be "the team is" not "the team are," which I've heard Phil and Paul say many times.

The Brits treat singular nouns that refer to groups of individuals (eg, team, family, band) as plural. Phil and Paul are correct within the norms of British English (with they no doubt would maintain is ENGLISH!).

I like it that they don't adjust their language for the U.S. audience. I've also heard Phil refer more than once to something throwing a 'spanner' (ie, wrench) into the works.

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 8, 2004 7:47:22 PM

My "favourite" expression in when they say someone is in "a spot of bother". Too bad about Millar- it would be good to see some British riders in there mixing it up.

Posted by: Larry at Jul 9, 2004 12:05:35 AM

Larry is right - the lack of Brits (and Irish as far as I can tell) is sad sad sad.

Pound for pound it is the Australians who carry the burden of the Queen's English after twenty years of slogging their way into sport. Great - but I wish it was an example.

Posted by: David Tiley at Jul 9, 2004 11:20:51 AM

Are there any major Canadian riders, or have there been in the past? I know there are no Canucks riding in this year's Tour, at any rate.

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 9, 2004 11:40:02 AM

I stand corrected. *smile*

Posted by: Guen at Jul 24, 2004 3:08:17 PM

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