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July 01, 2004

Armstrong faces press pre-prologue

VeloNews | Armstrong meets the press

It was probably a little frosty in Liege today, as Lance Armstrong held a press conference that included the author of a recent book claiming Armstrong took performance-enhancing drugs.

"But I'll say one thing, since (one of) the esteemed author is here. In my view extraordinary accusations must be followed up with extraordinary proof.

"Walsh and Ballester have had four or five years working on the book, and they've still no proof. But I will spend however long it takes and whatever it takes to show the allegations are unfounded. I have already engaged lawyers in England and France."

Armstrong alluded to the fact that he could lose with a fair amount of class:

"I still believe that it's the best man who wins in Paris. Even if I'm second, it's the best man who wins the race."

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