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July 07, 2004

Armstrong gives Hincapie props

Eurosport | Armstrong thankful for Hincapie

George Hincapie is the only US Postal rider who has ridden in all 5 of Lance Armstrong's Tour victories, and this is his 9th consecutive Tour. He's developed into a great classic/one day rider, and is headed to his 3rd Olympic Games in Athens later this summer.

Armstrong singled out the work Hincapie did in the TTT today and through the cobbles yesterday in post-race interviews:

"Yesterday, George was the key man," said Armstrong. "With him, I could trust that I was going to be in the right place and not make mistakes ... Today the guys were superb, especially George."

The article suggests that Hincapie, 2nd overall and 10 seconds back, is as close as he's ever been to the yellow jersey, and that the team might try to move the jersey around, since the top 5 are all Postal riders.

Actually, Hincapie has been 2nd before, and a bitter 2nd, just 2 seconds out of yellow to Bo Hamburger after Stage 3 of the 1998 Tour.

It's not so simple to give the yellow jersey to a teammate, but Postal could try to cover all the breaks, recognizing that any successful break at this point would likely transfer the jersey.

At left, a shot of Hincapie climbing Brasstown Bald during the Tour de Georgia this year.

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