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July 25, 2004

Armstrong: Where among the greats?

Yahoo! Sport | Armstrong's Tour De Force

The Texan's place in cycling's hall of fame will continue to be debated long after today. True, he has not won as many races as Eddy Merckx - who was also victorious in the Giro d'Italia and numerous classics - but then the great Belgian never underwent chemotherapy or brain surgery.

As well-worn as the tale of Armstrong's illness is, it remains a story as compelling as Muhammad Ali's return to glory, drawing in millions around the world who would never consider watching a bike race.

And that is Armstrong's achievement, like Ali, like Donald Bradman, like Pele, he has transcended the ultimately inconsequential world of sport.

Posted by Frank Steele on July 25, 2004 in Lance Armstrong 2004 | Permalink


Dude, who's Donald Bradman?

Posted by: dude at Jul 25, 2004 5:12:33 PM

So because he had cancer and some brainsurgery you guys think he's the best cyclist ever? You Americans still have a lot to learn about the sport !

Posted by: Jos Flos at Jul 25, 2004 5:51:54 PM

Donald Bradman was an Australian cricket player, who many regard as the greatest ever:


Posted by: Frank at Jul 25, 2004 6:18:24 PM

Also, the referenced piece was from SportingLife.com, which is published in the UK, so I don't think the interest in Armstrong in light of his incredible comeback from cancer is a distinctly American trait.

Posted by: Frank at Jul 25, 2004 6:26:00 PM

"You Americans still have a lot to learn about the sport !" Whomever wrote this statement is a bitter bitter little man. "You Americans...." Ha!! I love it. LOSER!!!

Posted by: Jim at Jul 26, 2004 10:43:59 AM

Nah, Jos Flos is right. How many Americans still know a thing about cycling? All most of us know is that Lance won the Tour de France for the sixth time but have no idea how he did it or who that Eddy Merckx dude is/was. Nor, let's face it, do must of us care.

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 26, 2004 2:04:57 PM

Lance has spanked you cry babies for six years
in a row. He IS the best that ever lived !!!
Why don't you people take a shower because you
all stink. You just can't handle that we American's are the best in every thing we do.
Get over it, Long live Lance, Texas and the U.S.A.

Posted by: Joe American at Jul 29, 2004 10:56:07 PM

Sure, Armstrong is the best. Congratulations.
I am sure Lance loves his country and I am sure Lance won his sixth for himself. To all Americans and Europeans: Remember, it is just sports.

Posted by: wiesje at Jul 30, 2004 6:07:48 AM

with regards to the comment on july 26 by this
"great american?". all i can say is that you cannot prove that in everything that americans does that they are the best.there are a lot of people who is not american but they can do better than americans.this american is showing how racist they are!!!!!!

Posted by: romy at Jul 30, 2004 6:48:48 AM

cont.regards lancefan im a great fan also of lance but dont think americans are the greatest in everything they do.sorry that is not acceptable!!!! your wrong!! you still have a lot to learn boy!!!!

Posted by: romy at Jul 30, 2004 6:59:11 AM

Actually Romy, I'm a girl.

Beyond that, I'm not clear what else you are accusing me of, so I'll just leave it at that. lol

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 30, 2004 11:09:12 AM

We are not racist, we are simply the best !!!
I thought a cricket was a bug ???

Posted by: Joe American at Jul 31, 2004 1:32:46 PM

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