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July 09, 2004

BBC Sport posts Stage 6 photo gallery

(Click through to BBC Sport photo gallery)

There's also a fairly graphic shot of Rene Haselbacher on the tarmac after The Crash.

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how does the green jersey conform to the specific winner so quickly? o'grady looks like it has a cofidis emblem already emblazed on it with all the sponsors. are all 4 jerseys made up beforehand for all 21 teams so they are ready roaring to go?

Posted by: kaelen at Jul 9, 2004 9:12:42 PM

The jersey they wear on the podium (with zipper up the back) is a one-size-fits-all jersey with an iron-on logo on the front. There's also a stock of jerseys that riders can actually wear during the stage if they take one of the special jerseys.

This is being discussed over at the Usenet group rec.bicycles.racing today:


Posted by: Frank at Jul 9, 2004 9:26:01 PM

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