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July 16, 2004

Bobby Julich update

VeloNews | Pyrénées look smaller to Julich this time

Julich is feeling good, good, good this year. He finished in the group with Ullrich, but thought he was strong enough to bridge. His team director, Bjarne Riis, asked him to stay in the pack, with two other CSC riders up the road.

Julich's last time up this mountain, he remembers losing 7 minutes.

"This time I was just going over those last two kilometers on [Giuseppe] Guerini and Ullrich's wheels just going, ‘This isn't so steep,'" Julich said. "What happened? Did the mountain kind of shrink a little bit, or am I just feeling better?"

Julich said he wanted to jump across to the next group up the road.

"Right as I was about to do that [CSC director] Bjarne [Riis] came by in the car and yelled, ‘Do not pull! Stay on the wheels!' Save a little bit for tomorrow, I guess.

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