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July 10, 2004

Brandt fails drug test, out of Tour

Yahoo! Sport - Tour cyclist fails drugs test

Lotto-Domo's Christophe Brandt was suspended after a positive drug test for methadone.

Brandt maintains his innoncence, and a second test is being conducted, but in the meantime, the team has suspended him from the Tour.

"Let's hope that the second test will shed more light on the case," [Lotto-Domo team director Christophe] Sercu said. "But the cyclist could be fired if the second test also proves positive."

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Do you have any comments on David Walsh’s allegations against Armstrong and his suggestion that passing a drug test is no longer proof that an athlete is clean. Also former rider Philippe Gaumont’s assertions that more than half of the pro peloton were dirty, using performance enhancing drugs.

Posted by: Gerald Rhoades at Jul 11, 2004 2:59:17 PM

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