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July 28, 2004

Delicieux wrap-up

Daily Peloton | Le Tour de France = C'est Fini! C'est Delicieux!

Crazy Jane offers up her summary of the 2004 Tour, with special attention to all the, um, beautiful young riders in their, um, tight lycra.

One rider who gets a well-deserved callout is Jan Ullrich:

Andreas Klöden rode brilliantly while Jan struggled in the Pyrenees, and the deficit was too great for Ullrich to pull back, but on the podium you'd never know he's suffered any disappointment. Smiling broadly, his arm around Klöden, he looked as beautiful and angular as ever, with his long legs and freckles, and just as bright as the sunny weather in Paris. Jan fought like the Champion he is in that last week, digging as deep as he ever has for the best he has in him. He finished where he finished, and had the class to offer Armstrong the old Chapeau, saying that he has "great respect" for the way his rival rides this race. Jan Ullrich is a gentleman, an incredible athlete, and on top of all that, he's looking delicieux. And, for the record? Good Lord, how I love Le Tour!

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I could not agree more!!!! I was lucky enough to meet Jan Ullrich after the Olympic Time Trial in
Athens. He was very gracious to all of his fans. I'm sure after the race he just wanted to go get a massage, a meal, and go telephone Gaby. However, he came out to do his interviews, and speak to his fans, sign autographs, etc... You would have never known if he was disappointed in his finish "out of the medals" because he was all
smiles for all of us. By the way, anyone who saw
him that day would argue with people who say he has a weight problem. He looked absolutely wonderful! I can't wait for the 2005 Tour de France!!!!

Posted by: Lisa Duffy at Sep 13, 2004 9:18:18 PM

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