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July 23, 2004

Diana Nyad on Lance Armstrong

KCRW's The Score | Living Legend

An accomplished endurance athlete herself, Diana Nyad talked about Lance Armstrong and his TT performance on Alpe d'Huez during her Thursday KCRW edition of The Score:

Much has been written about the need for a great champion to have at least one worthy rival. Well, Lance Armstrong has none. There will be no guessing, betting, analyzing who might come into Paris wearing the signature maillot jaune. You might admire Lance for his courage in the face of multiple cancers. You might not like him for leaving his wife for Sheryl Crowe. You might suspect him of taking illegal performance drugs. All I know is I forgot any other opinions I have had about Lance Armstrong yesterday. Watching him clearly dominate both the talented field and the formidable L’Alpe d’Huez threw me into a new gear of appreciation. This man is not only the king of the climbs. He’s the king, period.

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He did NOT leave his wife for Sheryl Crowe - they were already SEPARATED. Ugh!

Posted by: Marianne at Jul 24, 2004 1:18:34 PM

douchebag says what?

Posted by: Rob at Jul 24, 2004 11:53:47 PM

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