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July 11, 2004

Glowing OLN review from ... Anderson, SC

Anderson Independent Mail | Enjoying ride with Lance, Sharapova

This is the time of the Tour when there are usually a few grumbling sports columns suggesting that cycling's not a real sport, or that they shouldn't even run a race if Lance Armstrong is going to humiliate the field again.

These are usually the result of a local sports reporter on a deadline, wallowing in his own ignorance.

So it's a pleasure to come across this, by John Braiser in the local paper in Anderson, South Carolina:

I’ll admit it. I’m hooked on the Tour de France, an event I virtually ignored six years ago. Granted, Armstrong, who has won the last five years, is the major reason Americans have finally taken notice of the world’s top cycling event.

In addition to its grueling, daily schedule, the race features treacherous high-speed chases on narrow, winding roads and constant strategy battles between individual leaders and top teams.

But also credit Outdoor Life Network, with its informative and interesting daily coverage, for playing a major role in popularizing the race in this country. OLN, a previously obscure cable network, has successfully used the Tour de France to gain notoriety and respect.

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