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July 21, 2004

Italian boss: Millar can join us

Eurosport | Millar offered lifeline

Suspended Scotish cyclist David Millar might be invited to join the Italian Amore e Vita-Beretta team, which offered a job to Jesus Manzano after Manzano both admitted to, and accused his old Kelme team of, doping.

"I'm willing to help Millar -- and the Amore e Vita-Beretta team is ready to take him on -- just as I did with Spanish rider Jesus Manzano earlier this year when he confessed to a Spanish newspaper," said team manager Ivano Fanini.

The Amore e Vita team, literally "Love and Life", is very Catholic, meeting with the Pope each spring. It's very name is anti-abortion, and Fanini has been an outspoken opponent of doping. He disagrees with the current UCI policy that a doping admission is the same as a positive blood test:

"The Cofidis team has sacked him and perhaps the UCI (International Cycling Union) will take away his world time trial title but that would be unfair."

"Riders who confess what they've done should be helped and convinced to speak up, not punished."

Millar would have to either serve out, or have overturned, his temporary suspension from racing to join the squad.

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