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July 25, 2004

More fun with Flippo

procycling | Boonen powers in on Champs Elysees

A little more detail on Simeoni's 4 attacks today, which earned him the most aggressive rider award for the stage:

Normally a procession until it reaches the first circuit of the Champs Elysées from whichever Parisian suburb gets the nod for the start, today’s concluding moments were hectic and controversial right from the first kilometre. The man responsible was Domina Vacanze’s Filippo Simeoni, who seemed determined to do whatever he could to rain on Armstrong’s parade after the American had so publicly chastised him on stage 18.

Simeoni’s attack caught the whole bunch by surprise, and US Postal’s immediate pursuit of the ltalian caused a split in the pack, most of whom assumed that the pressure would be off until the final few kilometres. Once caught, Simeoni was welcomed back to the bunch by a number of riders pointing to the side of their head to indicate what they thought of him, as he slunk to the back of the field.

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Oh brother! *rolls eyes*

I gave Armstrong two huge thumbs down for what happened in Stage... 18? I can't keep count anymore. Anyway. Simeoni is how old? I feel sorry for the guy but geez, grow up already!

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 25, 2004 9:05:17 PM

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