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July 15, 2004

Padrnos and Zanini to face exclusion?

VeloNews | Italian court slates doping trial; 2 Tour cyclists involved

Italian court proceedings concerning a 2001 police raid in San Remo will go forward October 27. Among 12 riders charged are US Postal's Pavel Padrnos and Stefano Zanini of Quick Step, both racing in the Tour de France.

Given that Martin Hvastija and Stefano Casagranda were excluded from the Tour Monday because they were being involved in an Italian doping investigation, it will be interesting to see how the Tour reacts.

As for Padrnos, US Postal director Johan Bruyneel has defended the rider, saying that the "banned substance" in question (mannitol) is only banned if injected, and that the mannitol in question was a preservative used in an amino acid Padrnos was taking.

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