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July 16, 2004

Patrick O'Grady: Take that, Samuel Abt

VeloNews | Friday's foaming rant: Something happens

Patrick O'Grady of VeloNews takes Samuel Abt to task for his claim that the 2004 Tour was becoming a snoozefest without even using Friday's stage in his argument.

It's also a pretty good comic review of the Tour so far.

Lance Armstrong got the yellow jersey after Postal won the stage 4 TTT, which had more "everyone's a winner" rules than a Montessori T-ball game in the People's Republic of Boulder; more noteworthy was Tyler Hamilton's Phonak squad finishing second despite the sort of evil luck you wouldn't wish on an Iraqi headsman.

Through stages 9 and 10, O'Grady says:

Meanwhile, the favorites idled along behind, giving each other tips on leg-shaving, sunscreen and idly wondering sotto voce about where a doper, if there were one, and we're not saying there is, might be able stash his stuff in a hotel so securely that not even David Walsh, the Italian dope cops and TV station France 3 could find it.

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Abt is usually reliable, but he seems to be off form on this Tour. A bit like Ulrich! Lots of bloggers seem to have a better feel for how good the 2004 Tour is. And how hot Lance is. See Eamonn Fitzgerald's funny "Ballad of Lance Armstrong", for example. He gets it.


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