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July 03, 2004

Return of the Jambons

Daily Peloton | Tour de France: The Jambon Report - Prologue

The Daily Peloton's Jambon Report is consistently the funniest review of the day's action at the Tour de France. DP's Locutus daily awards his “Golden Hams” and “Ham-Gazers” to the best and worst of the day's stage.

Awarded a “Ham-Gazer” today:

• "His Royal Highness, King" Richard Virenque (Quick Step-Davitamon). His worship finished today in 174th at 50". Someone bothered to remind him that the race had started, right? Maybe he's just giving his rivals a royal head start, a sporting gesture from the reigning King of the Mountains. Kidding aside, Virenque has clearly given up any GC aspirations and will only be chasing Polka-Dots and stage wins. When the slope of the pavement begins to rise, you can bet King Richard will be there to launch several of his trademark gangly attacks. Until then, don't bother him, because he's trying to get some rest.

Today, Locutus also awarded a “Grazed Ham of the Day” to Michael Rogers, who caught a pedal in a corner and took a costly fall during the short prologue.

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