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July 05, 2004

Riding the Tour on tubeless tires

VeloNews | Tour de Tech: Going Tubeless at the Tour

Lennard Zinn files a report on Hutchinson's tubeless tires, being ridden by 3 teams at this year's Tour: Saeco, RAGT, and Brioches La Boulangére.

Traditionally, the pros have ridden tubulars, tires that were sewn around an inner tube, then glued directly to the wheel's rim. More recently, many have adopted clinchers, the tire most of us ride, with an inner tube, and a tire that hooks to the wheel's rim.

These new tubeless tires have a combination of the advantages of tubulars and clinchers; like clinchers, they won't roll off the rim, but like tubulars, they don't have a separate inner tube adding friction and stiffness to the tire.

The tires still require professional mounting, so they're not available to the public, at least not yet.

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While these may be new to pro cycling... the concept of the tubular clincher is nothing new. I have had them (Tufo) on my triathlon bike for years and love them. I am not a pro rider; the tires are available through many triathlon-oriented web sites. They are, however, an incredible pain to muscle onto a tire.

Posted by: Ryan at Jul 5, 2004 12:22:50 PM