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July 27, 2004

Simeoni to laugh last?

Yahoo! News | Armstrong foe Simeoni questioned over Tour incident

Apparently, investigators want to determine whether Armstrong's on-the-road attacks to keep Simeoni out of an attack rise to the level of intimidating a witness.

The investigators grilled Simeoni for three hours about what happened when Armstrong chased down an early attack by the Italian on the 18th stage of the Tour earlier this month.


Investigators are considering whether to open legal proceedings against Armstrong for sporting fraud, violence, and intimidation of a witness.

Particularly damning, it would seem, was Armstrong's "zip the lips" gesture.


The Daily Peloton: Rebel with a cause?

Daily Peloton offers an indepth look at Simeoni, his involvement with Michele Ferrari, and the lawsuit against Lance Armstrong. Careful -- you might wind up liking him.

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Heh heh. I already do. Simeoni is a sympathetic figure to me.

In that link you gave, the Daily Peloton reports that a US Postal rider spat on Simeoni during Sunday's stage. (I wonder who.)

So much for the 'disgusting' German fans on the slopes of L'Alpe d'Huez.

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 28, 2004 12:09:30 AM

In fairness, I believe that the "zipped lips" gesture could be interpreted in two ways. I took it as "I'm [Armstrong] saying nothing about what just happened."

As for the spitting rumor, I read elsewhere that a Postal member simply spat in Simeoni's direction. Quite different.

Posted by: Matthew at Jul 28, 2004 8:21:28 AM

You want to know what's *really* childish? Filing suit against someone because they called you a nasty word on the playground ('liar, liar!') and acting like this is some kind of war crimes investigation. 'Intimidating a witness' - gimme a frickin' break.

Posted by: Eric the Red at Jul 28, 2004 11:28:58 AM

For a different perspective:


Posted by: Larry at Jul 28, 2004 12:56:41 PM

Just to refresh -- the guy has freaking sued Lance, yet he expects everything to be peaches and cream? Hey, sorry, Fillipo, but if you didn't want to incur the wrath of Lance, then here's a thought -- don't file a lawsuit against him, okay? If you do, then don't act all hurt and whiney when he jabs you back.

The thing that really irritates me, though, is these guys -- Simeoni and LeMond included -- accuse Lance sideways, but then plead "no, no, I'm not accusing him, I'm just saying things in general." B.S. -- the implication in Simeoni's statements are clear, and they're even clearer in LeMond's, but they're both too cowardly to say it directly. Instead, they hide behind innuendo, but refuse to say it outright. If you're going to accuse him of something, say it, and stop doing it by implication and then falsely pleading, "I'm not implying that at all." Of course you are, so either say it or shut up.

Posted by: Larry at Jul 28, 2004 5:13:05 PM

I very much enjoyed reading both the "pro" Simeoni article and the interview with Dr. Ferrari referenced by Larry. I think that Dr. Ferrari does a much better job defending himself in the interview than the other article does defending Simeoni.

Even though I consider myself a fan of LA, I don't particularly like what he did in the Simeoni incidents in the last few stages of the 2004 TDF. It seemed petty to me, and I really do think it was beneath him.

One last thing, how does a postal rider spitting at Simeoni excuse the boorish behavior of the fans that spit at the riders? They're both reprehensible, but neither excuses the other.

Posted by: BigDave at Jul 28, 2004 7:12:04 PM

Even if Armstrong has a beef and even if, for the sake of argument, Simeoni is a bad person and is a whiner for bringing a suit against Armstrong, what does it do for Armstrong to chase him down other than make Armstrong look petty. I mean, look, Armstrong's the winner, he's got millions, he has a great life, he beat a deadly disease, he's an awesome guy. That incident just really put a stink on Armstrong's reputation as far as I'm concerned. I just don't understand him. I'd have been more impressed if he'd just ignored Simeoni.

Posted by: Kenz at Jul 28, 2004 7:44:41 PM

Can simeoni beat Armstrong on the road?
No. So why does he want to beat him on the courts?

Posted by: marcelo at Jul 29, 2004 11:28:54 AM

Lance did what he did because it's in him to do it. A competitor doesn't lay down to anyone. Lance does not think he's above this other rider, but he did show the other rider that his antics to defame Lance will not pass without some reprocussions. In this case, the reprocussions came in the form of a virtual backhand to Simeoni, everytime he tried to break away.

It's an unwritten rule that no one attacks the yellow jersey on the final day, especially with Lance so far ahead. Simeoni did it just to spite Lance, and the funny thing is that the entire peloton ran him down like a dog in the street and then, Azevedo, I think, gave him some kind of a gesture and spat on the road. Serves him right. Lance didn't even look at him.

The real deal here, folks, is that so many of you are in love with second place, the green jersey, the polkadots, and the white jersey BECAUSE the only chance you get to see the yellow, it's being worn by the same man who wore it for the last 5 years, and guess what? If he rides again next year, he will have it again, because he's a competitor and doesn't back down from a challenge, big or small.

Round Rock, Texas

Posted by: Big D at Jul 30, 2004 10:00:28 AM

"because he's a competitor and doesn't back down from a challenge, big or small"

So that's why he doesn't ride the Giro!

He'll never be in the same class as "Big Mig", who won both Giro & Tour in the same year (Twice) during his five.

Posted by: Kiddy at Jul 31, 2004 7:41:17 AM

Hey Kiddy
You might catching up Lance, doing so. Leaving us Europeans in dispair. Frankly, I would admire Lance much more, if he deed so. To win the Giro, Tour and (why not?) the Vuelta?
He definitely thrown Eddy "The Cannibal" in oblivion and show his criticasters what it is all about.
In his life-time Eddy Mercxk was surely the best, in his life-time Indurain was the best(remember, this great Spaniard focused only on the Tour de France!). Like Ullrich does, Like Lance does. You can not blame Armstrong for that.
If we, Europeans, like it or not, he won his sixth
Ten years from now, some Chinese starting his first Tour de France, winning it, and ends up winning 12 in a row. It's all relative, you know.

Posted by: wiesje at Jul 31, 2004 8:54:47 AM

Wiesje - "thrown Mercxk into oblivion" - are you feeling OK. Yes, Lance is a rider of his time and a great rider at that but overall his palmares are a small fraction of that of Mercxk. I would suggest that you and a lot of the other people on this site go away and learn something about the sport. What are you guys going to talk about when Lance retires ? Cycling is a great sport - has always been a great sport and will continue to be a great sport long after Lance has gone.

Posted by: andrew brown at Aug 1, 2004 3:55:43 AM

I thought what Lance did was cool. Lawsuits are for pussies. The guy needs to grow some balls and confront Lance if he doesn't want to be called a liar. Suing him is bullshit.

Posted by: John at Aug 3, 2004 7:53:41 PM

None have suggested we should idolize Simeoni, but 'Hero'LA has shown himself small minded, lending credence to supposition of doping.

Chasing down a nobody, a gregario, cannot be defended as good sportsmanship.

By analogy do those 'big fast cars' have the right to run me off the road, just beacuse they can? No,the rules of the road are that we follow the formalization of good manners [aka the laws], each with rights & responsibilities.

note--Marcelo wrong day: it was not the final stage--besides non-GC threats always have leave to attack.

Posted by: p1gnone at Aug 13, 2004 10:49:51 AM

note should have addressed comments from BigD
while Marcelo's comments were moronic & irrelevant in their own right

Posted by: p1gnone at Aug 13, 2004 10:55:15 AM

Actually, Simeoni also attacked (several times) on the last day; that's when Ekimov reportedly spit in his spokes as US Postal reeled him in.

Simeoni was (sarcastically?) awarded most combative rider for the final stage.

Armstrong's bridging move, where he rode with Simeoni away from the peloton and up to a breakaway, which he forced Simeoni to abandon, was on Stage 18.

Posted by: Frank at Aug 13, 2004 11:14:10 AM

Look, read your history. Lance is a one race wonder. Eddy raced all the classics, won many of them and won the tour. But he was also obligated to ride for another 30-60 races in the Fall for his sponsors. Lance trains and targets one race a season, and while this is an incredibly difficult task, he does not go out and race all the Spring Classics and win, nor all the Fall races and win. Eddy did both, and so did all the riders of his time race all these races. something like 100+ races a season.

Posted by: gravity420 at Mar 5, 2005 4:55:16 AM

Eddy may have spread himself a little thin but TDF wins are what it is all about (in our modern era )I don't think it is fair to compare the racers of old and their multiple races to what is happening today (apples and oranges) If I were asked who is the greatest of all time , I would suggest that it would he who has the most wins in the greatest race on earth ? there is only one guy with six , my boy Lance.

Posted by: steve at Jun 13, 2005 4:34:59 PM

Hard to compare athletes of different eras, but I think Lance can be called the greatest so far.

He did race other races early in his career and was world champion. But his strategy during his Tour run makes you wonder. It's kind of like Jeff Gordon saying that he will only race the Daytona 500.

Posted by: SuperB at Jun 14, 2005 10:27:45 AM