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July 22, 2004

Stage 17 on last climb of day

Sastre attacked and brought in the early leaders, but has been reabsorbed.

Ullrich, Klöden, Leipheimer, Armstrong, Landis, Azevedo, Basso, Pereiro, Totschnig, Rasmussen, Karpets and Merckx were the early leaders.

Klöden and Leipheimer started to fall off, with 3 km to the summit. Klöden faught back on, but Leipheimer is dropped. Floyd Landis is still driving the train at full steam.

Down to Armstrong, Landis, Ullrich, Kloden, Basso, and Sastre in the lead. Sastre falls off, leaving the 4 top riders in the Tour, and Floyd Landis, the world's fastest Mennonite.

Over the top, it's Landis 1st -- Now Floyd goes on the attack, in search of a going-away present from the US Postal team.

After the last summit, there's a 13-km descent to the finish.

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Too bad Floyd couldn't hold them off and get the win. "World's fastest Mennonite" -- now that's funny.

Posted by: Larry at Jul 22, 2004 11:43:02 AM

Lance has got this one in the bag!

Posted by: Free at Jul 22, 2004 12:12:33 PM

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